Heroïca Tempus - Golay Spierer | Le temps à votre mesure

Heroïca Tempus

Understanding the growing demand for personalized luxury goods, the Golay Spierer brand unveils the Heroïca Tempus collection.

The concept, imagined Mr. Gaël Bonnel Sanchez, partner and initiator of this collection, is simple, creative, rare and exclusive. With our autograph expert, we select an authentic signed document. Whether it’s an artist, a politician, a scientist,
a person from history or contemporary.

The document is entrusted to Marianne Dubuis, recognized artist with more than 40 years of profession in the traditional Swiss technique of cutting the Pays d’Enhaut. The original signature is taken to realize the dial of the watch.

Each watch is unique, personalized according to the life of the signatory. The signature of each personality is used only once, so there will be only one Einstein watch,
a Mozart, a Leonardo Da Vinci …

Our first piece is dedicated to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
for the 250th anniversary of his birth.

Rose gold case engraved by hand.

Manufacture extra-flat automatic micro-rotor.

A gold Napoleon 20fr coin adorns the back of the watch, issued in 1807,
the manuscript year of the document.

The watch will be auctioned for the pleasure of collectors in the spring of 2020.