Heroïca Tempus - Golay Spierer | Le temps à votre mesure

Heroïca Tempus

The Heroïca Tempus collection respects the three

identity values ​​of Golay Spierer

Rarity – Creativity – Excellence

It was the meeting with the French creator Gaël Bonnel Sanchez who initiated a simple and innovative concept that gave birth to Heroïca Tempus.


The principle is as follows; we select an authentic signed document. Whether it’s an artist, a politician, a scientist, a person of history or a contemporary and we take the original signature to create the dial.


Each watch is unique, personalized according to the life of the signatory. The signature of each personality is used only once, so there will only be an Einstein, Curie, Mozart, Monroe, Da Vinci… watch

Opus 2 –  Albert Einstein

Opus 1 – Napoléon Bonaparte