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4 women - 4 artists - 4 techniques - 4 creations

For the birth of 16 unique pieces


Golay Atelier SA is the physical entity which realizes all the watches for the Golay Spierer brand.

We have manufactured more than 130 unique pieces for Golay Spierer and have produced more than 600 watches in collaboration with other brands.

Located in the old town of Carouge, the company also produces under its own name personalized watches in unique pieces such as "wedding" watches which revive 19th century pocket watches in modern cases.

Always working in discretion and exclusivity, only the "croix de Genève" logo identifies these watches.

For the manufacture of our watches, we have been calling on the know-how and talent of numerous craftsmen and artists working in the shadow of the watchmaking brands for nearly 20 years.

From the richness of these encounters was born the project of the 4 Fantastiques. The concept is simple:

4 women - 4 artists - 4 techniques - 4 creations

For the birth of 16 unique pieces



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Dolores Schwab

Dolores grew up in the Franches Montagnes and cultivates a love for space, freedom and light. It was at the art school in La Chaux-de-Fonds that she discovered engraving. Conquered by this craft, it is for her much more than a simple line: it is a process, a path in the material, in the search for this precious light and a fine touch to mark a delicate imprint. A stint in the watchmaking subcontracting industry and its industrial constraints led her irresistibly to create her own engraving workshop in 2001. Her gift for unearthing the beautiful in her surroundings has made her an artist artist. The art in which Dolores excels is that of sharing and authentic exchanges. Thus, her gentleness and sense of observation are suited to the search for simple treasures. Dolores’ extraordinary ability is to transform the humble and ordinary into the remarkable and precious !


Chloé Gérôme

After studying and starting her career in fashion design, Chloé, who is passionate about artistic expression, finally found her way to painting on canvas. Chloé, passionate about artistic expression, finally found her way to painting on canvas. Today, after more than 20 years of practice and numerous exhibitions to her credit, she is opening up to new horizons by initiating herself to painting on enamel. Liking to create a feeling of surprise, Chloé cultivates a colourful fantasy world populated by ostriches...
...but not only !



Marianne Dubuis

Marianne grew up on the coast, not far from Lake Geneva. But her attraction lies in the mountains mountains, a passion that is reflected in her work. Since her childhood, she has drawn meticulously, in the meticulously, in the manner of a cut-out, and carving became a logical logical sequence. In 1979, she became an «official» cutter. Self-taught, she creates her own «style» and likes to challenge her creativity her creativity, even with 40 years of experience. She knows how to tell a world in images, the paintings express the feeling; the desire to share the love of the mountain, our traditions and the values of the people of our Country. Her desire to express the small simple pleasures, sometimes to be grasped in the hidden details, and the humour that puts so many situations into perspective...
...if the spectator is touched, what a reward!


Sarah-Rose Roché-Tokumitsu

Self-taught, it is in the family library that this passion for the «well written» and colours was born.
From this mania for «scribbling» at all times and in all places came the first copies of the first copies of illuminations created at the age of 13. The talent was there and it is with the help of calligraphy calligraphy books, but above all the precious adage «to do is to learn», that the experience was forged. Making the text more intense, magnifying the story with miniatures that contain all the treasures of the world. Let yourself be transported by the image and go through the looking glass...
Sarah-Rose is certainly visited in secret by Elves!